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What will happen to your dog when you die?


When making a Will, many of our clients ask us what will happen to their family pet when they die.

Like all responsible dog owners they know that they need to make sure their canine friend will be properly looked after once they are gone,  but often they are not sure how.

To help, we wanted to share details of a scheme we support here at Burnett Barker Solicitors, which gives you peace of mind when it comes to your four legged friend….

Dogs Trust Canine Care Card

The Canine Care Card from Dog’s Trust is a special free service that will guarantee you peace of mind, knowing that your dog’s future will be a safe and happy one after your lifetime.

If you pass away and have a Canine Care Card, the Dog’s Trust will arrange to bring your dog/s to their nearest rehoming centre. Upon arrival they will be examined by our expert vet and cared for by our dedicated, trained staff.

They will find your dog/s new owners whose lifestyle and experience match their needs. But if for any reason your dog/s cannot be rehomed, rest assured Dogs Trust never puts down a healthy dog, so we will look after them for the rest of their lives.

Here is what some Canine Care Card holders have to say about the peace of mind it brings them…

Applying for a card

If you are interested in applying for a Canine Care Card, or would like some more information, visit

Making a Will

It’s essential that you include information about what you wish to happen with your dog when you die. We can give advice on this but as a guide, the suggested wording is: “It is also my wish that Dogs Trust care for and rehome any dogs I own at the time of my death”.

For more information on making a Will, call us on 01284 701131 or contact us via this website.