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Divorce and financial settlement

There are many ways our family lawyers can help you reach a suitable financial settlement as part of your divorce.

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Burnett Barker Solicitors will guide you

Our family law solicitors will guide you through the divorce settlement process so that you reach the best possible financial settlement for your family.

If this is the first time you have been through a divorce, you’ll likely have several questions such as:

  • What will happen to the family home? Will it have to be sold, and if so, how will the proceeds from the sale be divided?
  • How will the housing needs of our children be met?
  • What money will I have to live on?
  • What level of child maintenance can I expect to receive or need to pay?
  • How should all our other financial assets be treated?
  • What about my pension, does that count as a matrimonial asset?

Divorce and financial settlement expertise

Our experienced family lawyers have the expertise to help you reach the best financial settlement for you.

Divorce and financial settlement

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If you want to know where you stand and what your options are, we offer a one-to-one family law consultation for a fixed fee of £149. Most clients discover something they were unaware of in this consultation, which reaffirms how important it is to find out what your options are.

Simply call Burnett Barker Solicitors on 01284 701131. You can also send us a message, or pop in and see us at 20 Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds – we have free parking on site!

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Your financial settlement and the law

There are many ways our family lawyers can help you reach a suitable financial settlement with your spouse. This could be by negotiation, mediation, through the collaborative process or by making a financial order application to the court. In all cases, the same legal guidelines are used to find the best financial settlement for your family.

Despite popular belief, the answer to ‘how much will I be entitled to?’ is often not ‘half of everything’.

When coming to a decision on your financial claims, the court’s first consideration is for the welfare of any children. They consider:

  • The income, earning capacity, property and other assets of financial value
  • Your ages and duration of your marriage
  • Any health issues you may have
  • Your financial needs and responsibilities both now and in the future
  • The standard of living you have become accustomed to during your marriage
  • The contributions you and your ex-partner have made to the welfare of the family, both financial and in caring for the children
  • Your behaviour and that of your ex-partner (only where serious financial misconduct has taken place)

You may still have financial concerns even if you do not have children. Perhaps you own a business or your partner does. You’ll need to consider its value, any financial contributions that have been made, dividend payments, financial interests or shares of other family members, amongst many other things.

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A few words from our clients

Professional, knowledgeable and above all compassionate. Thank you for your service at this very difficult time. I would highly recommend Burnett Barker Solicitors for children's matters.
I cannot find the words to tell you how grateful I am. Your professionalism and sound advice helped me to remain calm and in control.
Thank you for your help. Everything I needed, you did for me and now I see my son regularly, which is just amazing.
Joanne and Laura were so helpful with my difficult family matter. A lot of great advice and they were there from the beginning to the end of my journey.
Joanne Matthews is exceptional, and takes personable approach, that is honest. Very reasonable approach to fees and a non-aggressive attitude to family law.
You have been so calm and supportive and have completely understood the need to look after my future, but to also be fair to my ex-husband.

Our approach to financial settlement

There are many factors to consider. In meeting with our family law solicitors, we’ll quickly ascertain your financial position and personal circumstances to give you the best advice as to what the possible outcome might be. We’ll draw on our vast amount of experience to advise you on:

  • Your financial arrangement options during separation
  • The information required for financial disclosure
  • How to gain a valuation on pensions, property, trusts and any business interests
  • Possible terms of settlement, including the division of assets

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