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What rights do your children have should you and your partner separate?


One of the biggest concerns for couples considering divorce or separation is what affect this will have on their children. Aside from the emotional impact, worries about where they will live and how they will continue to have a meaningful relationship with both parties are always front of mind.

It’s so easy for adults, particularly when facing times of difficulty, to forget what it feels like to be a child. Yet it’s important to remember that just as they may be feeling hurt and fearful for the future – these feelings can be tenfold in the minds of children.

Resolution, formally known as the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA), has therefore developed a Parenting Charter which sets out the rights of children in these circumstances, and can help parents remain mindful of their behaviour during the process of separation.

This guidance is something we aim to communicate with all of our family law clients in order minimise any distress felt…

The Parenting Charter

Parents are encouraged to agree together, their children have the right to:

  • be at the centre of any decisions made about their lives
  • feel and be loved and cared for by both parents
  • know and have contact with both sides of their families, including any siblings who may not live with them, as long as they are safe
  • a childhood, including freedom from the pressures of adult concerns, such as financial worries
  • financial support and protection from poverty
  • support and encouragement in all aspects of their lives, including their education, as well as their physical and mental well-being
  • form and express their own views on any matter affecting them
  • be kept informed about matters in an age-appropriate manner
  • privacy and respect for their feelings, including the way they feel about each of their parents
  • protection from information and material, including that found online, which may be harmful to them
  • protection from harm, and from adults who might do them harm.


Settling Disagreements

Our family law specialists work with families from a wide range of backgrounds to help settle disagreements over a range of issues including children, property and finances.

“85% of family law matters can be dealt with by reaching
agreement between the two parties”

We fully endorse a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law and work with families to help settle disagreements whilst minimising the distress that can come with going to court.

Of course not all cases can be so easily resolved and sometimes a disagreement will have to go to Court. If it does, you can be assured that one of our Family Law solicitors, or a recommended family law barrister, will be by your side offering the best advice on the day.

Whatever your situation, we have the experience, knowledge and compassion to help you through the difficult times.

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