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Our sustainable travel initiative sees us reaching for Gold!


Last week, we were delighted to receive a Gold Award from Local Links Bury St Edmunds in recognition of our efforts to promote sustainable travel amongst our staff.

We were one of 21 local businesses to be honoured during a ceremony at the Athenaeum which celebrated two years of the Bury Local Links project. The initiative was led by Suffolk County Council as a way of encouraging Bury-based businesses to incorporate more sustainable methods of travel. It was hoped that the project would reduce single occupancy car use and encourage people to take advantage of other modes of transport for their daily commutes.

We were presented with a Gold Award for helping our team make their journey to work more environmentally friendly. We’ve encouraged people to consider car sharing, walking, cycling or using public transport and it’s been pleasing to see that our team have taken the scheme to heart and embraced sustainable methods of travel, wherever possible within the constraints of living and working in our largely-rural area.

Speaking of the award win, Daryl Griffiths said:

“Last year, we received a Silver award for our efforts, and it’s great to see that this year we achieved a Gold standard. We’re always working hard to improve our town, and this is just one of the ways in which we have helped make a difference.

Simply making small changes such as lift sharing with a colleague or walking to work rather than driving, can have a big impact upon our local community. We’ll continue to work closely with similar projects and local businesses to do our bit to make Bury the best town that it can be.”

Thomas Fleming, project manager for the Bury Local Links initiative added:

“Bury is a town that suffers particularly from congestion and we are delighted that Burnett Barker have actively engaged in making alternative forms of travel more viable for staff”.

To find out more about the different ways that we support our local community (including our contribution to making Bury the most dog-friendly town in the UK), check out our Twitter and our Facebook pages.