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Spring Clean Tips for Selling your Home


Guest Post by April Homes:

Spring is here (yes, honestly) and this is the time when most people who want to move, rather than need to, will be getting their home on the market.

If this is you, before you instruct an agent take a good long look at your property and consider if it could benefit from a spring clean – inside and out. Chances are, it will.

Here are our top tips to help you get your property looking fantastic.

Inside the home…


Clean lines and clear surfaces – especially in the kitchen – help to create a sense of space.

Make sure every room in the home is tidy, it may help persuade buyers that your property has a good amount of storage space.

Clean and dust

Very important in creating a good ‘first impression’, but also important if you want to convey a sense of pride in your home.

Ensure all the rooms are spotless, but in particular ensure that your windows are clean along with the kitchen and bathroom.

Consider a spot of ‘home staging’

This used to be an ‘American thing’, but the idea is increasingly being adopted in the UK.

Have you ever been to a developer’s show home? They ‘stage’ it! The dinner table is laid out, they will show bedrooms with ready-made beds, there will be flowers on display, the furniture will be finely balanced between what is minimal and necessary. Why not follow their example…


Is vitally important if showing your home on a dull day, or in the evenings. Brightly, but warmly lit, spaces will help viewers see the full extent of your accommodation and will help to create a welcoming space.

Consider a light re-decoration

Use neutral colours. However, don’t overdo it, a good surveyor may be spooked by an excess of new paintwork! It’s a balancing act – essentially you want to ‘touch up’ rough woodwork and go after walls that look ‘grubby’ or shabby.

Make sure your home smells clean and inviting.

Bake a cake or a loaf of bread

Yes seriously! Home baking is probably the oldest trick in the book – but it can help to create a ‘homely’ feel and perhaps a talking point.

Consider dropping the pets to your neighbours or leave them outside.

Stale or ‘bad air’ can be a turn off – you want people to feel at ease as they walk in and around your home.

Air out the home

Open windows and doors for around 15 minutes before a viewing to freshen up the air.

Time-starved? Consider getting a cleaner.  A good cleaner can, in a few hours, make your home sparkle!

Outside the home…

Tidy up lawns and borders  

As with the home, you want your garden to look its best and be an attractive asset. Remove weeds and ensure those borders and lawns look cared for. Tidy away any ‘junk’. Get some colour by planting some spring bedding plants, or get some planters.

Driveway / parking area.

Ensure it looks good. Root out any weeds, make sure there are no obvious signs of oil leakage. If you have a gravel drive – consider topping up the gravel.

Time starved? Get a garden maintenance person! A good one will get your garden under control and take care of any jobs you do not have the time for.

Thank you to April Homes for providing these great tips!