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Using your legacy to support others – leaving charitable donations in your Will


Remembering to leave a charitable donation in your Will is not only a wonderful legacy but plays a vital role in allowing charities (large and small) to continue doing good work.

During our lifetime, many of us may have donated much needed funds, actively got involved in fundraising campaigns or even volunteered to provide additional support – but only 6% of us will remember to leave a legacy donation to continue that support once we are gone.

As part of this weeks’ (10-16 September 2018) “Remember a Charity awareness week”, we’re sharing our advice for how you can show your charitable support via your Will.

Leaving a charitable donation is simple

Legacy donations are a vital part of any charity’s income – it is estimated that gifts and Wills generate approximately £2.8 billion for charitable causes. But despite what you may think, leaving a charitable donation isn’t just for the very wealthy – small gestures are always gratefully received by charities as they rely on them to continue delivering their services.

It has never been easier for you to incorporate a charitable gift within your Will.

Which charity should I support?

Charitable donations are a very personal act, whether it is during your lifetime or after you’ve passed away. You may have a specific charity that you have a personal connection with, or it may be a charity that you’ve chosen at random.

We all want to make sure that our donations make a difference, so make sure you’re happy with what the charity does and how they spend their funds. You can read more information on their websites, their social media pages or via their annual reports – the main thing is that you feel confident in how your money will be used to help others.

How do I do it?

Leaving your donation is simple. All we need is the name of the charity and the amount you wish to leave them – which can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate.

Our Fixed Fee Wills Service

Writing a Will doesn’t have to be complicated – that’s why we have kept things simple by offering a fixed fee Wills serviceWe charge just £300 (including VAT) for a single standard Will or £500 (including VAT) for a couple making joint Wills together.

We’ll go through the steps with you and explain the whole process, so you can be confident that your wishes will be carried out.

If you would like to talk to us about leaving a gift to charity in your Will, or you have any questions about how to write a Will, please call us on 01284 701131 or email

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