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Nearly £2,500 Raised for Stroke Association


We were very pleased to support Haverhill Rovers fundraising as reported earlier this week in the Haverhill Echo for the Stroke Association, which took place last Saturday in honour of long-standing supporter of the club and former partner of the firm, Nick Wray, who suffered a stroke on January 11 and is only recently out of intensive care.

As well financially supporting and sponsoring the match, we also went along. Declan Gallagher, Head of Crime, said:

“Nick’s recent stroke came as such as surprise to everyone. We’re very pleased to be able to support the Stroke Association and show our support for Nick and the Haverhill community, while also helping raising awareness of how suddenly Stroke can attack.”

As well as sponsoring the Stroke Association this year, we’re working with them to raise awareness with staff, clients and the public.

A stroke is a medical emergency. If you, or someone else, shows any signs of having a stroke you need to seek immediate medical attention.

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