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Protect Your Property from Fraud (for free and in under a minute)


What is Property Fraud?

Property fraud is where fraudsters try to “steal” your property, most commonly by pretending to be you and selling or mortgaging your property without your knowledge.

In the five year period 2010 to 2015, Land Registry prevented 205 property frauds on properties valued at more than £123.3 million.

How it works

Land Registry will send you an email alert each time there is significant activity that may result in a change to the register of a property you are monitoring, eg if a new mortgage is taken out against the property.

If you receive an alert about activity that you weren’t expecting and that seems suspicious, this may indicate an attempt at property fraud and you should contact Land Registry.

Not all alert emails will mean fraudulent activity.  For instance, you may be expecting some activity if you’re extending a lease or remortgaging a property. As the alert will contain details of who is undertaking the activity, you can check whether it is your bank or solicitor.

You can monitor up to 10 registered properties in England and Wales. The same property can be monitored by different people.

Protect Your Home for Free

Property Alert is a free service from Land Registry, created to help owners of registered properties in England or Wales avoid property fraud.

As Land Registry is the government department responsible for maintaining the Land Register, where more than 24 million titles – the evidence of ownership – are recorded, it is the official record of who owns land in England and Wales.

How to sign up in under a minute

The process is very simple.

All you need is the house number and postcode of the properties you want to monitor.

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Unregistered Property

Your property might not be registered if you owned it before 1990 and haven’t mortgaged it since.

Our specialist property lawyers can easily and inexpensively register your land or property:

  • giving you proof of ownership
  • helping protect your land from fraud
  • making it easier to change, sell or give your property away in the future.

For more information or to discuss your options, just get in touch. We’re here to help.