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Cambridge Legal Walk 2022


Here at Burnett Barker Solicitors, we’re delighted to say that ten of us will be participating in this year’s Cambridge Legal Walk on Thursday 16 June.

Setting off at 5.30 pm and arriving back in central Cambridge at around 8 pm on a 10k walk, we will be raising funds for Eastern Legal Support Trust. Walking alongside other legal teams from across the region, it is hoped that the event will raise thousands of pounds to support access to free legal advice for people living in poverty.

Speaking about the reason for entering a team, Daryl Griffiths, Chief Executive of Burnett Barker Solicitors, said:

“This fundraising effort is very close to our hearts. A lack of access to justice is known to contribute to poverty, homelessness, ill health, unemployment, relationship breakdowns, and more. Knowing that we will be helping to make legal advice more accessible will inspire every step!”

This is why the work of the Eastern legal Support Trust is so important. As a service, it:

  • Prevents families being made homeless
  • Prevents destitution
  • Helps older people gain the support to which they are entitled
  • Helps women and children who have been trafficked for domestic servitude or prostitution

Over the past few years, Eastern Legal Support Trust has seen steady growth in the need for free legal advice centres. Following the pandemic and now a cost-of-living crisis, more people are being plunged into poverty, which is why the walk is so important.

Daryl added:

“This year’s walk is one of many Access to Justice Foundation events taking place throughout the UK. By participating in the Cambridge Legal Walk and seeking sponsorship from our friends, family, and colleagues, we will be helping to secure vital funds to help people across the region.”

To sponsor our team, please visit our Access for Justice Foundation fundraising page here: